Emergency Contact:


By signing below, I agree to the following:

  1. I shall be responsible for the behavior of my child while on the premises of the Madrasah and I understand that if my child shows any disrespect to the teacher, damage the Madrasah’s property or does not cooperate with the teacher, the Administration has the right to suspend/dismiss my child.
  2. I shall not hold Madrasah Islamiah, its faculty and its administration against any liabilities/claims from accident on Madrasah premises.
  3. I give permission to the faculty and administration to act to their best judgment in case of medical emergency. I shall be notified as soon as possible in case illness, accident, and or any emergencies, and that I shall be responsible for the cost of any treatment if deemed necessary.
  4. I will make sure that my child attends the classes regularly and on time.
  5. I shall pay the entire applicable fee during the first week of every month.
  6. Home-Schooling/K-12 of my child is totally my responsibility and Madrasah will not be held responsible for this cause.
  7. I am responsible to drop the child/children exactly on class-start time and pick up on class-end time.
  8. I give surety that I will not leave my child or children outside the class.
  9. I do permit that in case of NON-PAYMENT of fee, the said amount may be allocated from ZAKAT.
  10. I have read and understood all the above points.


  • Students should be in proper Islamic Dress i.e. Clothes should neither be too thin nor too coarse.  It should not be short or tight nor dirty and odd. Clothes should not make the wearer a prisoner of it.  Girls should cover their heads/hairs and boys should wear cap/topi.
  • To provide better Islamic Education, Madrasah will appreciate your cooperation and moral support.   Registration Fee $ 30.00 plus one-time Fee/ Contribution for whole Summer Semester is for  1xchild $ 150.00, for 2xchildren $ 275.00, for 3xchildren 375.00 and 4xchildren   $ 500.00.