Dated: OCT 8th, 2020

Dear Parents/Concerns,
Thank you for joining the In-Madrasah Class. To maintain and secure the health of all kids and other staff member, Please follow the Health Authority SOPs and always take care of given below advice.

1) Always wear mask. It is mandatory for everyone before entering the Masjid premises. Although we arranged the Hand Sanitizer for class, but Student may bring their own if want to.

2) Class timing from Monday to Thursday is 8am to 1pm. Friday it is 8am to 12noon.

3) Do not send Students before class time and try pick them up after class as soon as possible.

4) Student need to do Wadu at home before coming to Class. Madrasah arrange the sitting in Class according to guidelines of Health Authority to maintain social distance between all Students and Teacher. Incase there are any changes in city or county guidelines. We will follow accordingly and update you in this regard.

Hafiz Mohammad Iqbal